Some aspects of Longboard

Widely known since the mid-1950s, longboarding has become the sport inspires people riding strong and growing constantly developed by the combination of many styles and rules. Realizing the increasingly diverse needs of the enthusiasts of this sport, the manufacturers have focused research and to launch various types of products, but also because of this that the rider met slightly difficulty in choosing. Therefore, you should consider each important aspect in this article in order to buy the best longboards.


The basic materials which constitute powerful Longboard from birch or poplar are glued and pressed to form the deck and have dimples on the surface to facilitate comfortable control and various types suitable for riding style different. Besides, some other materials are also preferred as carbon fiber, bamboo increase stiffness and improve aesthetics. With an average length in the range of 35-50 “and width in a certain ratio to improve comfort and convenience for riders. On the top deck, adding padding or sections cut out for clearance by, easily adapt the vehicle’s height and help the driver is always in steady state.



No different than the skateboard truck, still characterized most basic structure. With the board is designed in a higher position, the radius is tighter than a standard truck is set for most Longboard trucks called kingpin. Often larger size hook 150-184mm bring relative stability when moving with greater speed and above all to suit riding style.


You can adjust at will, but it’s best to rely on factors such as the shape and stiffness of the Longboard there. If adjusted using soft liner to help truck flexible and softer smooth. However, hard-liners will create lasting stability when traveling at high speed or terrain obstacles.


An equally important component because it has features that can change in order to maintain long-term stability, carvability, and vibration and is set to make up a typical Longboard with many outstanding features.


Longboard wheels with larger size compared with other types of small guest skis, so that the movement speed on loangboard also improved significantly faster. With diameters ranging from 64-80mm, it provides a large surface area to easily pass the rugged terrain but still feels smooth and sure. Aimed clearance, Longboard often associated with riser pads are set between floors, while the mattress is raised higher position to prevent wheelbite. This type is often used in some cases as sharp turns and maneuvers. The hardness of the wheel typically ranges 75A to 85A make them smoother, vibration but also firmly rooted on the road surface. Longboards use bearings with a size of about 8 mm, equivalent to the standard skateboard.



As a device to ensure safety for any type of media, so this is also an issue to consider. For Longboard, but not too difficult during use, but you should also learn how to ensure safety and avoid accidents unfortunate injury may occur. There are several techniques applied brakes for this sport so that you can apply and safe to control devices. Foot braking technique is the most important in the first few days you get used to longboarding. You will perform using the foot push off the board and feet along the road to reduce speed, but will cause some inconveniences such as worn soles but a form of speed control ensure the highest safety. Besides, there are some forms to reduce air speed, brake use wind resistance, brake use in downhill slide, sitting brake or runout but mostly difficult techniques that you have to undergo a long training period long to be able to apply.

Longboard offer you a safe environment to use and enjoy the joy that it brings if you are a person with enough intelligent choice. The market of this sport will increasingly innovate and develop continuously to meet perfectly the style of each person riding.

Some typical bearing Longboard

Bearing is a very small part though, but extremely important in the movement of the wheels. Bi, injuries are made of steel or course, a very small size, is fixed on a year round road inside. Combined with axel of trucks and other parts located in the central area of ​​the wheel. Though small in size, but also bearing exclusive criteria are designed to suit different types of wheels, as well as various longboard.

There are many more elements to constitute a perfect Longboard. From the widest possible distribution to the naked eye until the small supporting parts deep inside. A perfect Longboard be considered on many different aspects can be listed as: speed limit, can arbitrarily adjust, good material imparts strength, surface moderately sized matching people riding, load capacity in any case, and particularly the ability of tolerance. Most manufacturers do not mention this little detail but only focus on the surface outside as shape, color, size. Actually we do not have too much difference, and the special of each Longboard really is hidden deep inside and is determined by factors – bearings. That is why there is a distinct difference in prices due to the difference in this department.

Bearing rating

A particular model of most popular Longboard bearings and bearing the most outstanding features. This kind of model allows to set standard steel bearings and races are deep inside. ABEC be appreciated in any case because it always gives users an unexpected result, exceeded expectations. A number of other factors such as material composition, size of the inner race, the lubricant is used reasonably, they all prove to people riding an operation quickly and smoothly than others . Bearings with ABEC rating is determined in an appropriate process in order to increase the speed determined correctly.


Bearing material

One factor is equally important to the valuation of each type of bearings. The spread even up to $ 50-100. With the correct adjustment, bearings help establish the division in the wheel. With these bearings have ceramic material capable of faster speeds, rolling farther ability, smoother, and lasts longer durability than a traditional steel bearings. This is one of the main reasons that make clear the difference between the prices of all kinds. However, you do not necessarily have to choose expensive ceramic bearings, bearings instead a stainless steel tradition is not bad choice, but prices are more affordable. All activities on all sides in a complex way that the drive will sometimes not work well anymore. A deep trench is set to hold the steel balls to limit friction and slowing down slowly. It also works to reduce friction, and more particularly suitable for beginners.


Lubricating bearing

Bearings with the most important function in order to maintain minimal friction lubrication so it also needs to be focused so that it ensures smooth enough and smooth operation as well as for its longevity. Regular cleaning and maintenance is not forgotten by a sufficient lubrication will not be too difficult and take your time. In return, you will always have a desired product.

One part seemed very small, but it plays a very important role in the structure of Longboard. Pay attention to it to make sure you will be owning a perfect long products.


How to become a better player golf

Golf has become the subject is no stranger to sports lovers. If you have invested in it, I guarantee you’ll want to learn the tips to become a better player. And here are some basic tips that you can apply in order to rapidly achieve as expected result.


  • Basing on Clubface

This is a factor that causes the most common mistakes for amateur players by default they think should arrange their feet fixed aims and shoulder parallel to it. If we continue to do so, you continue to make mistakes and the results will not be as desired. Correct approach is to arrange your photos always start by assessing your target from behind the ball to be able to supply the whole perspective of the entire hole and aimed in the right direction you want the ball to go. Then you continue to set the clubface from behind and aligned directly to the goal. After linking clubface is aligned correctly, followed by placement of the rest of your body by doing so you will best benefit from it.

  • Right Choice for Club

Based on the length to make decisions to select club but not always true case altogether because it also depends on a number of objective factors such as capturing natural tendency, wind, danger threatens … A 3-wood shot to hit the fairway more likely a driver shot under rules groove.


  • Remain your Stance

The stance could change, depending on the club is not entirely accurate. because you need to learn to maintain a consistent stance, considering it very important factors to become a better player. Besides, there are small adjustments in the spine angle, ball position and stance width, but in general, how do you stand on a railway is not far from how you position yourself with a driver .

  • Playing in windy conditions

Many people may wonder how variable wind becoming his advantage. You have to learn to adjust the work of wind instead of trying to fight it. When the adjustment is successful, it is likely the wind will always win, the ability to draw more pronounced farther aim. And by the way, instead of hitting a ball, you can play for a ball straight into the goal and the wind move the ball back into the fairway. When playing in weather like this, the problem is not entirely at how wind will make it difficult for you, do not think you need to rotate any more difficult than normal.

  • Creating good grip

To start, grip the club with your gloved hand and stressed the position of the handle on the middle finger of the first knuckle and palm. Continue to apply by ungloved and comfortably around the handle with the thumb and forefinger of both hands around the right side of the chest or shoulder to form a solid grip with this advice.

  • End of The Shot

As one thing whic hindering the golf player, however you need to master some basic principles as typing down and behind the ball, the ball lifting sand … all in order to unearth the ball. Try to finish in a perfect way through an equilibrium position and comfortable. This is also a way to help you relax to prevent the ball from stand up and out of the sand.

Some tips about the most basic things to begin with this subject will help you quickly become a better player. Implementation and better control over the shop and ensure that you have a solid operation. Then take them seriously as possible to enjoy feeling comfortable playing this sport as well as good results as expected.

Tips for longboarding

Do not just enjoy the pleasures and benefits that longboarding gives you during use, you should also pay attention to safety issues because anyway this is also the sport requires a lot of enthusiasts speed. Because of such challenges and to help you have a spirit of enthusiasm and passion, but sometimes careless you will unintentionally hurt yourself. Not only for beginners but injuries sometimes occur with both subjects had experienced. To promote maximum benefits that sport brings, you enjoy it with a comfortable and enjoyable as possible and do not forget to equip yourself with the equipment insurance body.


Safety equipment associated

Most of the rubber as helmets, padding, padding on the injury-prone areas like elbows, elbows, knees…Moving on so many different types of terrain, from flat as in sidewalks, parks and gardens to the rugged terrain like hills, gravel, always equip yourself with a pair of closed-toe shoes to not faced with injuries to your feet and comfortable speed control in Longboard. Can be quite simple when you move on the flat but not too much encounter obstacles. However, when participating in each sport, you want to really face the challenges and enjoy the feeling of success when conquering overcome it. When moving in rough terrain or to go downhill, the board will inevitably shake the ball repeatedly can cause mental confusion for you. If you follow these basic guidelines, you will prevent the shake up during movement by reducing the downhill speed and rhythmic movement rather than let them flutter freely outside control.

Consult from experts

Irrespective of whether you are any more items, you should also use this method to achieve higher efficiency, may be consulted by the experts, counselors from the store, who seasoned experience, through the forum about this sport or with informative articles on the internet. Through it you can learn a lot of tips and tricks as well as more advanced than how to prevent injuries, but myself unknown, as well as different ways to easily adjust your Longboard.

Mastering physical characteristics 

Depending on your intended use, whether to join the race or just to enjoy the fun enthusiasts at any rate a certain terrain, each longboards have certain characteristics in accordance with section each person’s destination. Compared with conventional skis, with larger, heavier weight, but heavier wheels move smoothly over, which helps Longboard get dominance as easy cornering capability rather, prevent the council pushed you out of it when moving at high speed. Not perfect holds dominance, Longboard still suffer some drawbacks as requiring took more effort for the riders while controlling it and also sometimes will hurt more deeply from obstacles animals met during moving. Using design with softer wheels reduces vibration, noise and improve leaps and bounds. Longboard truck system of connecting parts to achieve a greater wheelbase helps move more flexible than other types. Council carries greater weight to increase the resistance or inertia.


Longboarding is not easy for beginners because it takes relatively much time, effort, perseverance, persistence, you can do comfortably familiar with this sport, especially when became so proficient, you really do not want to leave it.

Tips for beginner badminton players

You’ve played badminton before? You are a beginner or already proficient and have long experience with this sport? Whether the subject no matter what, I guarantee you always want to find the solution or the optimal method to improve the ability to play the sport. This article will give you a lot of useful information about the basic knowledge, tips, tricks, tactics to quickly improve your ability to play badminton.

Ensure your healthy

You need to understand your health condition before starting a sport with which to adjust the level of appropriate exercise, avoid overtraining leads to stroke. Badminton is a sport that requires agility, focus, subtle and clever your flat. Before starting a game, you should set the post launch a case carefully to avoid cramps or unfortunately encountered serious injury during the match. Most important is to start heating the body, relaxing muscles to get used to flexibility and versatility.

Choose a good racquet

The grip for every badminton racket is seen as the most important factor. Not necessarily it must come from well-known brands, expensive but above all, it must really fit with your hands, not too big and not too small, giving you a comfortable feeling when holding and control it in the palm. Not hold too tightly to grip the racket, you’ll have to use the flexibility of the wrist, not the arm.

Check shuttlecocks

Do not rush started the game without thorough preparation. Try to hit shuttlecocks a few times to check the quality of the sphere, with precise routes and not to ensure a fair outcome.

Learn the footwork

Not just to the flexibility of the wrist, the agility of the eyes, the footwork also held the role is equally important. You can not always run in the direction that I was flying orbs, so will be losing power and not enough energy to maintain until the end of the match. Learn to combine a smooth as if you were playing a dance, move rhythmically without running. There are so, move your newly improved and above all to save energy.


Scheduling playing badminton every day

This sport requires a lot of factors combined between both physically and mentally, and most important of all is that you have to hold a reasonable strategy to be confident to control the game. With these basic skills have been mastered, you are planning to train every day, can work with many different people, the better, you will be quick to promote their own strengths and weaknesses discovery of opponents. Play as much as possible!

Relaxing and being cool-down

It should not be too stressful or you will not achieve the desired results, please relax yourself. Like all other sports disciplines, you also need to spend some time relaxing and conditioning your breath by walking gently, to put a focus energy for the next fight.


Requires a lot of skill as endurance, flexibility and agility, exercise regularly if you can not only enjoy the fun by bringing the sport, but it’s also brought many benefits for both physically and mentally for you. Each workout as well as an opportunity to train the mind, must be thinking acumen and flexibility

How to play Volleyball better

A sport requires speed, agility, responsiveness, flexibility and teamwork are maintained throughout the match. Whether you are any object entering this sport, players have experienced or inexperienced, you always need to make an effort every day to improve their skills not just apply in a match that will be useful in the everyday life.

Improving Your Skills


The first thing to start practicing this sport, you need to determine the ideas to improve their skills every day with some typical methods as follows:

  • Learn to perfect jump serve overhand to be effective by tossing the ball to a height just right on your head and use your hands to knock the ball into the net on the other side and in the range limit. Not too difficult to come back as overhand serve, toss the hand and aim for the lower part of the ball. Try not hit the ball with your palm and positioning aimed in the right direction the ball will go. Try to put power into the hands and muscles, the ball will fly to the other side of the field like a bullet out of the gun.
  • One of the first things when in position and have the opportunity to establish points that you have to pass and bump correctly. The best pass high enough to overcome the other side of the net into the field and do not go beyond some limit. To do this, you need to cleverly combine by holding arms straight and put a hand across, using the space between your elbow and your wrist to control the ball. Then, you want the ball to hit the inside of your forearm, the practice of cross pass to teammates or opponents will not be so hard.
  • Establish effective to create scoring opportunities by having the play clearly planned and how team members together to mount and efforts to implement it.  Put your hands on top of your index finger and your thumb to create a triangular shape and focus the ball into this triangle and just use the pads of your fingers to push the ball back.
  • Powerful press correctly will have a chance to record high points for your team, especially when best practices with the best team spirit. Besides, you should also pay attention to behaviors that can cause foul in matches to avoid being marginalized and not be penalized or fined

Enhance and promote teamwork


  • Not playing in a location fixed by yourself to challenge myself in different roles for more experience.
  • Connect more with your teammates to be able to work together in the best way.
  • Absorbing ideas from the words of teammate suggestions to improve the gameplay and perfect skill.
  • Encourage the team spirit with his good roll in the game, even when sitting at the bench and constantly cheering and encouragement. Even if not win should also keep peace and good attitude.

Achieving fitness goals as desired

  • Enhance your agility using the proper technique, not only develop arm strength. Using weight exercise also increases resistance when combining plyometrics.
  • Improved leap will bring many advantages in volleyball. The time is not on the court, you can work more through some other subjects such as jumping rope, it increases stamina, and help your muscles get used to the motion.
  • Focus on core muscles although for beginners this seems quite difficult as it will make you quickly get tired, so the development of the body and core strength to help you improve reliability.

Practice with some tip like in this article, you will quickly achieve results beyond your expectations.